The lens of history may be just as unmerciful when judging twenty-first-century Americans

My white middle-class attitudes may blind me, but I wonder where the line is with eliminating names and words from our past. I understand choosing better words when we speak, and more than words, to eliminate the hate sentiment we express, sometimes unintentionally. Using rabbit in the eenie-meenie-minee-moe of my youth is a better choice to teach our children. But it is a slippery slope. Are the corrections to the sensibilities of today gaining more than they are losing? I liked the songs of Stephen Foster when I was young, and now they are never played? Does anyone under forty…

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What you believe is not as important as how you live. It matters what you do.

Annabel was a healthy young woman who was happy when she discovered she was with child. Twins were a bit of a surprise but did not distract from her happiness or confidence in her future. This pregnancy would not change her, she told herself. She would continue to run every morning and eat her favorite foods. She decided she would stop drinking wine, but otherwise, Annabel would continue to live just as she’d lived before, adding only a few necessary changes, prenatal office visits, the wine — stuff like that. …

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It can’t get any worse than this!

Phew! What a time. It is hard to decide what is most critical. When I think I have an idea to write about, another unprecedented event screams for comment. Years ago, I learned not to say it can’t get any worse. Life seems to show you worse after such a statement.

Political strife has been with us for a long time and continues to escalate. I fear the January 6th assault on the capital is not the last, nor the worse we will see. Political Strife on top of the pandemic that has killed 373,000 Americans, growing larger every day…

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Death stings less for a life well lived

It has been almost a year that the coronavirus has been such a large part of our lives. We hope that now that the vaccine is available, the impact will soon be past and life will become more than social distancing and masks. But today, it is the dominant influence in my life. It started as a virus that was killing people, many people. Then it was my friend and family that had covid19 but survived. This week it stuck closer. A life-long friend died two day ago. He was careful, wore a mask, stayed in, but luck was not…

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Better decisions come from knowing the facts and options.

Here’s a big surprise — every day, each of us gets a little bit older. We don’t want to face it, but time is a thief who steals pieces of you as he passes. One of these days, he’ll take that piece that changes everything. We all know it, but we don’t want to talk about it.

Some of us are fortunate. We have a spouse or children who will step in when we fall, either literally or figuratively. Without planning, it will be harder for them, and they’ll not likely have the best options. …

A tale for Jesse James Godfrey

Davis County Health Department

Tom was the son of a Merchant Douglas in Port St. Claire. He did not like working in his father’s shop because he didn’t like selling things. While his father was not happy about it, he let Tom spent some of his days exploring the hills and forest outside the port city.

It was Tom’s grandpa who first took Tom into the hills. Grandpa did not like buying and selling things either. Mostly, he was a fisherman. Also, Grandpa gathered fruits and berries to sell and do small repairs for the people of Post St Claire. He spent most of…

Would you have gone?

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About 2020 years ago plus or minus thirty-three years, a child was born outside the city of Bethlehem. Today’s imagery of this event usually shows a wooden shed housing the couple with the infant in a manger. But most scholars think it was in a small cave. A cave is not far-fetched as the purpose of these sheds was to feed and provide some shelter for their animals, and if a cave was available, it is natural for the local herdsmen to use them.

Likewise, it is reasonable for the parents to put the child in…

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Racism is about Power.

I read an article that defined Racism as the social norms, policies, and laws that result in one race being disadvantaged. It made me reconsider my feeling on the social discussion on race that is going on in America today. This definition is a different definition than I read in the dictionary, which said racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits.

Racism in America does not disadvantage white people. There are plenty of racial statements that are made against white people. All white people are racist is a good example…

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After a restless night, Jackson Burke opened his eyes. The changing light in the room indicated that the sun was rising. He knew that he would not sleep anymore. He reached over and turned off the alarm, two hours before it was to ring. He rolled over and sat on the edge of his bed.

“Today I’m going to the office,” he told himself, just as he had for the last three days yet failed to do. “Jane wouldn’t like me feeling sorry for myself,” he thought. …

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The best world is one we all build together.

This year I have written more and read more diversely than at any time in my past. A large part is newspaper opinion articles. How is it that two conflicting opinions can both make sense to me? Or conversely, I object to both even though one favors a view I hold. What I’ve decided is that it is not the writer’s opinions but their connection to their opinions that interests me. Do I understand their point of view? Is it honest?

My views are not limited to my experience. White, retired…

Greg M Wells

Reader, writer, life-time learner, friend. Today’s ambition, increase kindness in the world.

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